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Gurmukh and Glora:)

Gurmukh and Gloria.My lovely teachers, my great friends:):) I'm really grateful that I practice with them and learn a lot.
大好きな2人:) 私の先生のグロリア、グロリアの先生のグルムク:) 2人に出会えて良かった:) 沢山の事を経験し、学んでいる。近くにいなくても。感謝しかない。2人といると、みんな笑顔になります:)この写真見てたら、電車の中で笑ってた:)
2人とも3月リシュケシュで開催されるinternational yoga fest 参加しますよ:) 行く予定の方いたら、会ってきてね:)
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Looking forward to reconnecting with my soul sister @gurmukh108 in Rishikesh @intlyogafest coming up soon!! The workshop schedule is now online. If the wifi is good enough we'll reach out with a live webinar for the Meditate to Master Your Mind online course students from the ashram. Fingers crossed!! Yoga and Meditation has been a part of this wise teacher's life for over 45 years. The results are evident in her smile and her warm heart #kundaliniyoga #india #meditation

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